Payment Insights

Payment Insights is a reporting tool, built for the automotive finance industry. It shows the landscape of finance rates from all lenders for all car brands across Canada.

It’s built to help its users understand where their organization stands against the competition, where their winning rates are, and which vehicles they can offer the best financing options for.



Kevin - BMO Automotive Finance Rep.

Kevin’s job is to convince dealerships to use BMO as their main financing partner. Usually the dealerships will use their parent manufacturer’s lending wing (The Captive) as their default provider. Kevin wants to switch them over to BMO.



The first version of the tool was an excel file. A large spreadsheet with thousands of cells, deep filtering, and complicated formulae baked into the multiple tabs.

As powerful as the original spreadsheet was, it had its pain points. The file was large and slow at times, and it lacked the mobility that it’s users required.

Users had to spend time generating reports, so they could print them and take them on the road when they met with dealers.


The second version of Payment Insights would aim to remedy the painpoints of the original and build from the feedback of its growing customer base.

The main problems we needed to solve:

1 - Make the tool easier to understand

2 - Make it faster to work with.

3 - Make it portable.