TemboSocial Polls Use Case


Take our existing poll creation tool out of the complicated admin portal, and offer a front end solution integrated into company intranet environments. Allowing people to create and publish polls, surveys and quizzes directly into their logged in environments. 

Successfully doing so would lower the entry barrier for our product's use, and open up the polls to potentially thousands of more users. The KPI to measure early success will be a surge in published polls, surveys and quizzes. 

Step 1:

Get out the markers and work that whiteboard. Mapping out the current feature set , and locating user pain points is the foundation moving forward.  Getting the entire flow in front of our faces lets us clarify the complications that exist and help us figure out ways to simplify the process. 

Step 1b:
Size up the competition. Theres always someone doing what you're trying to do, find those analogs and see what they're doing. Analyze their strengths and shortfalls.  Gobble it all up and let those lessons guide the decision making. The competitive analysis should start early as it will help the problem solving process. 

Step 2:
Redefining the user flow required a commitment to simplicity. 

We sketched out a new simplified flow that focused on the high level areas needed to complete a user's journey. 

Once the high level journey of our two main personas was sketched out we could zoom into the details.

This is where that commitment to simplicity gets tested. With over 10 years of built up features theres a lot to consider. I tried to stay focused on what was critical to the user journey, and map those needs to our existing feature set. 

Step 3:

Framing the issues. Taking that journey, with all those required features and translating them into wireframes always uncovers more challenges. But seeing those abstracted ideas take shape as a working screen always feels like the project is taking a big step forward. 

Step 4: 

Colouring in the lines. Once the wireframes have solved most of the critical issues, it's time to get down to the business of making this a marketable product. Adding some colour, paying attention to the details and giving the interface some personality brings the product to life.

Step 5: 
Make it clickable. Creating a clickable interactive mockup, will help development understand the vision more clearly. Making design handoffs a smoother process.