My name is Al, Nice to meet you.

Over the last decade or so I’ve seen my career move from print, to web and now a strong focus on UI/UX design. Although there are a list of differences between all those applications, the core principles remain the same. The same strategies that guide a successful brand can be looked at to guide a product experience. The same usability issues that challenged good web design is still relevant in the UI problems of software whether it be enterprise level or consumer facing.

All design is centered around the human, it can sound cliché but it’s the guiding principle for any design project I start. Let’s communicate to our audience, let’s guide our users, and bring a touch of humanity to everything we create. Industries shift, technology moves faster by the day and there’s a feeling that we are always on the brink of something new. So, as much as I’ve learned along the way, I still understand that the need to learn more will always remain. I’m not intimidated though because as long as I have plenty of coffee, no fingerprints on my screen,and some solid team mates to lean on, the journey will be a good one.