Building a design process. Scaling a team.

Building a team and a scalable process has been one of the larger ongoing tasks that I’ve undergone. As with any large project it started with lots of questions.

How do you build a team while still delivering on your everyday responsibilities? How do define a workflow that wont fall apart when you bring new people into the mix? These were some of the core questions that I had to critically think through.

I started by putting my own personal design process onto paper. That helped me visualise some important things. What were my own personal design philosophies? What were the physical steps I took to completion? Who were the stakeholders I worked with to get there? What were the gaps in my own process, where did I need to improve?

The embedded document outlines how the design process works today at Motoinsight. Although engineering was structured with a waterfall approach I tried to look for opportunities to slowly introduce agile methodoligies at least on the design side.